Words to ease the soul as we spin towards whatever change is happening to us on the planet.

“You went to a strange land searching
For a truth you felt was wrong
That’s when the heartaches started
Though you’re where you want to be
You’re not where you belong
When your love has moved away
You must face yourself and you must say
I remember better days” —Graham Nash

We need to lift each other up.

Here’s to those who are doing the heavy lifting. As you do, may you gain comfort and strength from long-ago words.

“As long as I am alive, this,
My peace, my resting place, what I want
And its satisfaction, truth.

By THIS, I mean this day
I cannot say, this love.
This being that is after me,
That I am after, quarry
Chasing quarry.” —Rumi

Now, if that doesn’t take your breath away.

The Photo: Full moon over the ocean. More peace. More love. More encouragement. Magic from the earth. Ours, for the noting.

P.S. Thank you for the birthday love yesterday.

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