She slipped her hand in mine
On my left
I looked down
To innocence
That face
Smiling up at me
I died to be living
Couldn’t resist but bend, pull her into my side
To laugh
While hugging her
And kissing her on the forehead
Her being
That slight hand embraced with mine
The two of us
The waves
Crashing at my knees, her chest
People screaming
In delight
To be free
It’s the ocean
It’s summertime
Peering behind me for her mother
To see if it’s okay
Me, with her daughter
A stranger
Who steals children
On a regular basis
The cosmic mix-ups
The strays
I’m a whore for anyone drawn to my light
Who notices my soul
Out of all the other souls
How could I not love her child up
Love all of them up
When they love me

The post and photo from the archive: Beautiful the Children

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