This day last year is the last day that I saw my sister Jane alive.

It is not a good memory.

We had a screaming fight about her “not trying” hard enough to get healthy, and she all but threw me out of her house.

Thank the good Lord, I do not feel guilty about that; only remorse that this had to be my last earthly encounter with her.

I don’t quite know what the point of this post is. Except to say that, when it comes to “helping” others, I still believe that more love is better than less love – even if it takes the form of a fight. In the end though, no one can really lead us to the well of happiness; “you gotta walk that lonesome valley alone”.

Today would have been my sister’s 70th birthday. Happy Birthday Jane! I’m sure you’re fine on the other side. All the same, I wish you were here.

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