“I’m here to light people up.”

Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead said that. And it’s true. His band has been lighting me up since 1973, with my first show at Watkins Glen. Their music transcends my being much the same as prayer does. Both connect me to the higher source. Comforts. Inspires. But unlike prayer, there’s no work involved with music. I just get to be. To absorb. Come away in a better place.

It’s my mission to light people up, too.

With the work I feel I’ve been put here to do. To be vulnerable. To voice what most of us know, but are unwilling to say. To show my fears, and the not-so-graceful ways I’ve overcome them. To expose my remaining flaws and the struggles I have resolving them.

My dream is that you’ll find comfort, encouragement and humor in my story, and enough to make your own wade through the muck easier to bear. And if you should happen to resonate, I hope you’ll be reassured knowing you are not alone.

Here’s to all of us lighting each other up! And Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing everything you are grateful for multiplies 100-fold.

The photo: Two others who light me up. But please know my baby does more than THAT big lug!

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