I am a terrible mother – just ask my son Andrew, he’ll tell you!

The designation today, though, comes from me. I missed my Italian exchange daughter Anna’s wedding, because I couldn’t bring myself to get on a plane. But loving child that she is (she’ll always be a child to me!) she and her new husband Marco, couldn’t have been kinder.

I have a tradition going that I gift newlyweds with an antique, perfectly seasoned, Griswold cast iron pan. Those who are not in the know have viewed the present like it was the cheapest thing! When really, a lightweight Griswold is highly sought after.

Marco and Anna saw it for what it was, and have been wonderful. It started with Marco texting loving words about my tradition. But quickly went to him telling me that it’s a MAGIC pan, as his new wife is actually cooking with it!

Anyway, Andrew will get a Griswold too when he gets married. And if he doesn’t like it, well, at least I tried!

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