I’m in a mood.

Thank God Funk’s at work. He says that he’d rather be with me than without me anytime, no matter my mood. But you know husbands. They do stupid things. And wives react.

I know that I have less capacity to be nice at the moment, but that insight doesn’t keep me from holding back. And who needs to pile on the guilt when they’re already feeling blue?

It’s best to be alone. Might as well save those I love.

So it was that I didn’t call anyone on my 4-mile walk today. Just popped in my earbuds and listened to the Grateful Dead’s Weather Report Suite. (You can skip the few lyrics to continue the post.)

“Winter grey and falling rain, we’ll see summer come againDarkness falls and seasons change (gonna happen every time)Same old friends the wind and rain, (we’ll see summer by and by)Winter grey and falling rain (seasons fade and roses die)We’ll see summer come again (just a song that born to sail the sky)Darkness falls and seasons change (gonna happen every time)The same old friends the wind and rain (like a song that born to soar the sky)”

I love the call and response in the song.

It reminds me of the dark days when Funk was mayor – the betrayals, the constant spin by his opponents that some people started believing, seeing the dream of what could’ve been slide through our hands – and the unexpected support that got me through.

Reverend John Modest Miles’ Baptist church.

Me, a Baptist church?

Well, yes, when Miles was calling it down – and man, did he ever call it down sometimes. On those occasions, my soul filled back with hope. My confidence returned. And the spin that even I had started to believe was tossed back into the garbage can.

Here’s wishing that you too allow a return of strength to reach you, even if it’s from a most unlikely source.

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