I met a leader the other day.

Someone who showed a rare confidence. Strength. Bravery.

The book launch was ten non-stop days of visiting friends and being interviewed in the media again. I was so tired by the end that I couldn’t even get it up to be afraid on the plane ride back.

Just said to myself, “Meh. Who cares if I get claustrophobia and everyone stares at me for screaming at the pilot to let me off the plane. C’mon Universe, get it over with already.”

The day after I arrived home I tried chilling out by resuming my 4-mile walks. I soon came upon a group of teenage males throwing ice at each other, not really caring who else was walking the planet with them. Teens are notorious for being afraid of straying from the pack, yet one stepped forward and started shouting at the others to cool it.

That took guts.

So I punished him by saying in front of his friends that I appreciated him being a gentleman. And then punished him further by giving him an unwanted hug.

The whole way home I thought of that kid, how he is braver then many adults, how I’d just met a leader.

I wish I would’ve told him that last part. You know, empowered him, and all.

Here’s to you if you’re walking the world with kindness, watching out for your brothers and sisters who are breathing the same air.

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