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That’s my takeaway whenever people tell me why they CAN’T do something they have a deep yearning for.

I’ve been anxious for two thirds of my life, but I’ve never been a quitter. In fact, Funk says the worst thing someone can tell me is that I “can’t” do something, as it’s the surest way that I will.

This month, my book hit #1 on Amazon in the US, Canada and Australia. I started the draft on a ship to England. Had I let logistics stand in the way of reaching for my dream of going abroad with my family— logistics being fear and money—I would’ve never written the first word.

No one thought Funk could become the Mayor of the 30th largest city in America. He wasn’t from a career-political family and he didn’t have the backing of the Establishment.

No one thought I could become a Best Seller. I don’t have a degree in writing, or the support of a publisher.

Yet I’m here to say … If you can dream it, you can SCHEME it into being!

But that’s only IF you don’t let logistics stand in your way. Only if you’re willing to take a risk. Only if you’re okay with failing and trying again.

Think how many times our current president went bankrupt. Yet here he is, a multi-millionaire and the president of the United States.

Here’s to you if you’re going for your dreams. Because if you don’t reach for the sky, then who the hell else is going to reach there for you?

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