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I’m going to Kansas City. Kansas City here I come. They got some crazy little women there, so I’ll fit in just fine.

Crazy, meaning: fun, passionate, strong, inspiring!

But oh the nerves to get there.

I had a mid-air anxiety attack 20-years ago that kept me off planes until 2016.

But I’m currently on a plane with the Big Guy, trying to keep my brave up.

Which is strange, because the reason for this trip is to launch my book in the city where the story mostly takes place, and the underlying theme is how you shouldn’t let logistics get in the way of reaching for your dreams.

Logistics, for me, usually being fear and money.

And so the fear of being on a jet.

I used to think being afraid meant that you were cowardly. But now I think it’s brave to suck it up and go for it, rather than to play it safe sitting on the fence.

Here’s to you if leading a big, carefree life doesn’t come easy to you, but you reach for courage to do it anyway.

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