This was like birthing all four of my children at once.

Getting the cover just right for the first in my 3-book C’mon Funk Series was far more difficult than writing the story.

That just fell out of me.

I hope the cover art accurately describes the book: A humorous look at Reaching for Brave: The human condition that many of us contend with each day; how we sometimes have to rise above our fears to achieve our dreams; the scariness of it, and for me personally, of not being so graceful when going about it, but doing it anyway.

Of course, this didn’t just affect me. My family and friends had to endure my process as I tried becoming a New and Better Me, the more carefree person I’d always longed to be.

And while the ride wasn’t pretty, thankfully, whenever you look back on something dark, somehow the experience seems funny and not as difficult as it really was.

The setting takes place, first, as I try to live out my dream of living in Europe for a summer. Once home, it finds me helping my husband reach for his dream of becoming mayor of Kansas City.

I hope our story will resonate with whomever takes a chance on the read. That you’ll find comfort, encouragement and humor in the telling—enough to make your own wade through the muck easier. And if you should happen to recognize yourself within the pages, my most fervent wish is that you’ll be reassured knowing that you are not alone.

Because if there’s hope for this neurotic homebody to uncurl from a fetal position and go for it, anyone can, and most likely, with more elegance than I did.

Here’s to us all having a bigger, more peaceful, more fulfilling, more giving life!

May Cause Drowsiness and Blurred Vision: The Side Effects of Bravery.

Available May 18, 2019

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