I like being with people who know me.

My parents ripped me away from my Ceil Place friends when I was in 9th grade. And while this homebody has been all around the world, I have never found a group of friends who I enjoy being with more.

Now that I’m living on the East Coast again, even though we don’t know each other well as adults, it doesn’t matter. It seems that childhood friends know your essence; there’s no need to catch them up to who you are today.

To me, there’s something really comforting in that.

Wishing you also have people who love your core. And if you don’t, keep searching for those who understand what a joy it is to be with you.

The photo (those who made it until the end of the night): Truds, Dennis, AnnMarie, My Jim, Me, Bryan, Laura, Frank, Terry, PJ (Funk took the pictures!)

Too soon on the other side: Laurie, Judy, Billy, Louie, Freddie, Kevin, and darn it, too many more – but we remembered them well.

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