Yet another reason why I ventured from the straight and narrow, and over to alternative medicine!

This time: my oldest brother has been in the hospital for going on two weeks, lingering on a ventilator, in a medically induced coma. He presented with his throat so swollen that he couldn’t breathe. After a week, since he had just come back from Nicaragua, I asked the ICU nurses and doctors to please run a Toxicology Panel to see if he had ingested something down there that he might be severely allergic to.

But probably because a lowly woman had asked, and probably because “you don’t have a medical degree, yet I asked for the panel,” nothing was done for him until yesterday when I went sort of berserk on them.

All week long I kept getting different stories on my brother’s situation: One doctor saying it would be fatal if they took him off the ventilator, another basically saying there simply wasn’t time to try!

Going berserk is the only thing that worked. Guess what? They tried yesterday, and he’s now breathing on his own. Cause still unknown.

My cherished acupuncturist once told me that holistic medicine was the combining of all medical modalities to produce the best result. Sadly, Western Medicine does not subscribe to such enlightened practices. Hell, they don’t even subscribe to their own standards of care sometimes.

My apologies to all the FANTASTIC WM doctors out there, particularly my beloved Dr. Brooks in Olathe! Many blessings and kisses to him.

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