Sometimes I really hate living inside of me.

In addition to walking my four miles, I’ve been working out at the gym.

My reward?

I pulled my back out on Saturday, innocently bending down to pick something off my kitchen floor.

That’s punishment enough. But where my obsessive mind goes with these things is much, much worse.

“Funk, I pulled my back out!”

“I’m sorry darling.”

“No Funk, it’s really bad this time. What if I slipped a disc?”

“Gloria, that’s just you’re mind getting the best of you.”

“How do you know Funk? For all you know I can end up in the hospital on traction, and then what.”

Three days later, after two acupuncture sessions and one chiropractic appointment, yup, it’s just a pulled muscle.

The photo: Bach Flower Remedy: adds courage and presence of mind in the face of terror and extreme fear. The remedy goes where I go. I went through bottles of it back when Funk was in the mayor’s office.

#BeNice! #GotIssues?

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