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Women are so sensual, so powerful and so underrated.

Sweet Sixty!

That’s what Funk calls me now, and he’s right. I went from giving a sh*t, to maybe only giving half a sh*t. From not realizing my youth was about me—to kicking and screaming into my fifties—to loving what’s taken its place.

Standing in my power.

And you can too. It’s time for our generation to finish the revolution that was started in the 1960’s. Many of us come from families where our basic needs were met, but not the emotional ones. Those weren’t important to the time. And while we might have missed out on receiving good mothering ourselves, our turn is over, and we need to nurture those who have come after us.

Because too many Americans are suffering. And we’re showing it in the most unbecoming ways imaginable. We’re a nation of pansies. And yet we’ve gotten really mean.

This post speaks mostly to women forty years and older. To ask that you try not to look to what’s been lost and enhance what IS. I understand you can’t get a nipple piercing like the young girls do, lest the ring get caught in your belt buckle. But if you eat well, exercise, speak your mind (KINDLY), the universe will reward you. Because it’s you who has the years of living that are necessary to change the world. And what’s sexier than that?

It’s our time! We’re strong. We’re powerful. We’re vibrant. We’re beautiful. We need to stop caring about things that don’t matter and apply it to what does. In fact, we have an obligation to do so.

Essentially, we need to Woman Up.

And if you don’t know how to do that—if you don’t feel confident—then just pretend you are, until you really are. And then go right the wrongs, because us Americans need you.

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