There’s a backstory to this post: My husband was mayor of a large city, so I have the most minuscule taste of what it’s like to be recognized on the street. Little nothing me helped run his grassroots campaign. And because he was a populist, I could actually feel the prayers of those who wanted him in office.

Now, for the post: I just got done reading Dark Star, by Robert Greenfield, and was moved by a line from Dr. Randy Baker.

“The most likely way for Jerry to die would have been from something sudden. I think he might have been able to rally and recuperate from anything that was lingering, in part because of the number of people who would pray for him when he was ill.”

I believe Baker is spot on. More, I sure hope that our beloved Jerry Garcia was ready to cross over – and I sure hope the reports are correct that he had a smile on his face when he did. That would make me feel so much better, especially considering all the joy and comfort that I am still bestowed with from his soul having been on this earth.

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