Whether you’re here for an update on my forthcoming books, or because of similar interests with birth, travel, the Grateful Dead, Kansas City, local politics, surrounding yourself in beauty, or all other wonders related to the human condition, both on earth and in the spirit world, I bid you a hearty hello!

It is my great wish that you enjoy yourself browsing the inaugural pages, and that you’ll come back often to read posts (made on a weekly basis or more frequently), make commentary (only civil discourses will be posted), see the progression of my books (when will I ever be finished writing them!) ask advice (meant to be humorous more than anything – I’m not a professional – all the same, it’s supportive to share your soul with others, isn’t it?), nominate a hero, and, of course, to just plain gossip.

I found it difficult to write such a general introductory post, as blogs are meant to be intimate, and mine specifically, is meant to be entertaining (no whine-whine here). When I posed the problem to my daughter, she replied, “Well, just say that.” So there, I said it – what a brilliant idea she had! Which leads me to my children, people I haven’t mentioned thus far, but who are the reason I pull breath each day. You’ll hear more about them in upcoming posts (ad nauseam), and about their father (my apologies in advance).

Thanks for stopping in!


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