Can you imagine being afraid when this is what you’re looking at?

Funk calls me a skydiver afraid of heights. A really good idea will come to me—like how to spend a cost-free summer in Europe—and what usually happens is that I’ll giddily start making the plans, yet when it’s time to leave, I’m afraid of walking out the door.

So it is that, this time, Funk is back at work in DC, and I just finished the “big cleanse” in Hawaii. I’m down at the remote little beach house that I’ve stayed at three times now, and I’m mostly settled in.

Physically settled in, that is.

I’ve got more work to do than I can get done in a day, but this place seems to accelerate my mind, and with time, it usually provides a greater sense of peace and a deeper connection to spirit.

But first, I have to get used to it.

And it really makes me mad at myself that I have to get used to something that is as beautiful as this place is.


This is me and it’s how I approach the world. I’m changing as fast as I can. Constantly reaching for that more carefree, more expansive life that I crave. The problem is, change is difficult and it’s surely not pretty. And, it’s so slooooow. But fighting it only proves to prolong it.

So tomorrow, I’m going to try to stop flogging myself for the weaknesses that I haven’t turned around yet, and just try and get in the groove of being in a new place without beating myself up for not being there yet.

Because once that happens, I’ll get in the zone, and that’s when my best work occurs.

Here’s wishing that you are dreaming sweet dreams—that you’re figuring out how to create your destiny, whether you’re fearless or afraid, rich or poor. And here’s wishing that I wake up feeling a bit less afraid of the power of nature.

The photo: From the beach house.

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