Ralph Waldo Emerson said that women are the civilizers of mankind. I believe this is true, yet women remain 2nd class in our country, as evidenced by the last presidential election.

Why is that?

My daughter’s childhood friend, Marilynne Meikenhous, answered that question so eloquently, “Feminism even includes support for the internally misogynistic women, it is inclusive of ALL women.”

But the way I see it, the in-country fighting going on over the election is a good thing!


Because people have been apathetic regarding our government for so long, and at least they are becoming part of the conversation.

The problem is, we argue when we feel powerless. And to me, any group that is oppressed remains so because they’re not supporting each other enough to rise up in numbers that matter.

To promote change, one must do the agonizing deed of putting aside individual differences for the common ground, lest we remain stagnated.

So, women, let’s please stop fighting about who supports President Trump and who doesn’t. Let’s find our common ground, so that we may continue doing what we do best: evolve our culture.

The photo: My daughter Tara, civilizing her father – the guy I call Funk. Guess who is the better dancer?

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