Boomers and Freewheeling Tits

Civil rights. Woman’s rights. Assassinations. War. Protests. Music. Peace. Love. Real talk. Tree-hugging. Spirituality. Alternative medicine. You-are-what-you-eat. Baby Boomers. A collective who created a most drastic change, in one short decade. We mobilized, raised our voices, got shot for doing so, became outcastes for envisioning a better world. Beautiful leaders, like Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert Kennedy, and Malcolm X were gunned down for standing up for what was right. A tired, working woman was arrested for sitting down on a bus. Elementary school children were terrorized for wanting an education. Four students at Kent State were killed on campus […]

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World, Can You Please Stop Crashing and Burning?

When is the world going to stop crashing and burning? Last month, I received a call from my publicist who had just received horrible news regarding his health. It seems all last summer he’d been dealing with what he was told was a minor health condition, and the ailment had just turned into something major. I could sense his devastation, so I didn’t ask questions as I’d normally do, just did my best to console and offer a positive viewpoint. I doubt I helped. So, just letting you know what this means for the 2nd book in C’mon Funk Series. […]

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More Dead People

More Dead People. Funk and I went to see the “Grateful Dead” last weekend. We chose a show in Connecticut because the venue was close to the gravesite of my grandparents on the Squitiro side. A few weeks before the trip, I was really excited at the thought that I’d be standing within six feet of the grandfather that I’d never met. Believe it or not, I was more excited about visiting his grave than I was about seeing a Dead show. A few days before we left, something told me I had to greet my grandmother first. Such are […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

“I’m here to light people up.” Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead said that. And it’s true. His band has been lighting me up since 1973, with my first show at Watkins Glen. Their music transcends my being much the same as prayer does. Both connect me to the higher source. Comforts. Inspires. But unlike prayer, there’s no work involved with music. I just get to be. To absorb. Come away in a better place. It’s my mission to light people up, too. With the work I feel I’ve been put here to do. To be vulnerable. To voice what […]

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